Don’t buy a cat in a bag!

We will advise the structure of the transaction appropriate to the tax and legal situation.

Companies are also growing through the acquisitions of others. Good negotiations need knowledge. Pre-transaction Due Diligence – Financial and Legal Analysis Report, allowed many of our clients to effectively buy the company and avoid the risk of losing their money. We use our knowledge of risks and errors in reports, accounting, wealth. We look at such Companies from the investor’s point of view, that is, you.

  • Opinion of the share price in a limited liability company (valuation of shares).
  • Valuation of shares not listed on the regulated market in connection with the redemption of shares after a significant change in the subject matter of the company’s activities (valuation of shares).
  • Valuation of shares subject to forced redemption from minority shareholders.
  • Study of the merger plan of capital companies (including the majątku_ valuation survey.
  • Examination of the merger plan where the acquiring company or newly established company is established by a joint stock company, or when one of the merging companies is a limited partnership (a valuation survey of ports in the form of shares).
  • Study of the capital company’s distribution plan (a port valuation survey).